• Wildlife-Friendly Fencing

    Wildlife-Friendly Fencing

    Barbed-wire, poorly-maintained and loose fencing can cause problems for our wildlife. Sugar gliders and flying foxes can get their membranes caught on old rusty barbs, and kangaroos can get their feet entangled in loose or hard-to-see wires. Wildlife Friendly Fencing is fencing that is safe and effective for wildlife, people and livestock. It: does not […]

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  • Heat Stress – You Can Help!

    Heat Stress – You Can Help!

    During the hotter months, when we experience high temperatures several days in a row, many of our native animals start to feel it. They will feel exhausted, dehydrated and confused. Heat stress can cause organ damage if not treated and hot surfaces such as tin roofing can cause skin damage to feet. How can I […]

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  • Bird on the ground? Don’t “Bird-Nap”!

    Bird on the ground? Don’t “Bird-Nap”!

    “Birdnapping” is a common occurrence particularly around spring. Many well-meaning people see a young bird on the ground, assume it is lost or injured and take it. This means the bird may have to go to a carer and may not be reunited with its parents. I have found a bird on the ground, what […]

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  • Possums


    Possums In Melbourne, you are likely to come across one of two species of possums: Common Brushtail Possum – up to the size of a small cat, pointed ears, fluffy tail with end section black  Common Ringtail Possum – half the size of a small cat,  rounded ears, and white tip on the tail Our Wildlife Rescuers get […]

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