Common Ringtail Possum juvenile in care.

In Melbourne, you are likely to come across one of two species of possums:

  • Common Brushtail Possum – up to the size of a small cat, pointed ears, fluffy tail with end section black 
  • Common Ringtail Possum – half the size of a small cat,  rounded ears, and white tip on the tail

Our Wildlife Rescuers get called out to assist with possums due to:

  • hit by car
  • attacked by dog or cat
  • fire or heat stress
  • loss of habitat, or
  • cruelty

How can you help?

Possums are active during the night; a possum on the ground during the day will be in need of help. If safe, place a washing basked or box over the possum to protect it from predators and call us, our phone operator will guide you on the next steps. If you see a possum hit by a car, if safe move the possum off the road and check for a joey in the pouch.

Possums In The Roof

Possums live in roofs because it’s a warm, dark place – they feel comfortable. An easy way to move them from your roof is simply providing an alternative – a possum box. Possum Boxes (and other nesting boxes) can be sourced from LaTrobe University’s Wildlife Sanctuary Retail Store. Possums can be removed by professional services for a fee.

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