For all wildlife emergencies in Melbourne and surrounds please call

0417 506 941

Head here for contacts for other areas.

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The Wildlife Rescuers is a dedicated group of volunteers that specialise in the rescue and rehabilitation of native Australian wildlife in Melbourne and networking with other groups across Victoria.

We rescue injured, sick and orphaned wildlife and release healthy animals back into the wild. We also engage in public education via presentations, the media and we conduct information and training sessions.

Whether it’s a kangaroo, wallaby, or possum hit by car; a koala or possum found on the ground; a bird or duck with a broken wing;  flying fox caught in netting or bats in your house;  or a kangaroo caught in fencing, we’re here to help.

Seasonally, we provide assistance and advice for birds on the ground in Spring, and heat stress events during the hotter Summer months.

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